Being a Player in a Much Bigger Game

As I watched the footage on the new trailer for the BBC special, The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, I began to weep. It hit me so hard what was really playing out here on the planet and that I, for whatever reason, had been part of some grand unfolding plan.

When you are going along, doing your life, and then suddenly realize you are part of something significantly bigger and more important, it can be a bit overwhelming and very definitely humbling.

I had no idea, back in the mid 90′s, when I walked away from the corporate world, from the pharmaceutical industry and the nice big steady paycheck I was used to receiving, what a giant leap I was making in …

When You Are On Social Media, Be Social!

I don’t do business with people I don’t know and I don’t develop relationships with someone who starts the conversation with a sales pitch. Particularly when they send the same message more than once.

I had to send that to someone on Facebook this morning because they keep sending me a cut and paste message asking if I’m happy with my branding. I continued with the following.:

This is social media. So be social. If you want to be a friend, then send a friend request. If you are only trying to find random people to sell something to, then perhaps you are on the wrong social platform.

I consider my personal facebook page, my living room. Posts are like conversations at a party. Private messages are with people who I’ve had a few public conversations with by commenting on one another’s posts and enjoying the conversation.

I collaborate and do business all the time with people I met online. But none of those collaborations started out by them trying to sell me something through a private message.

You may or may not find this useful, but its how I do business.


No Insurance and the Great American Dream


In my friend feed on Facebook, I found a statement about how anyone not having a job in a corporate that provided insurance or not trying to get a job in one was “just plain lazy.” It was in reference to the healthcare insurance conversation being had so often right now.

This is my response:

“I was somewhat offended by those comments since they fail to consider the millions of us who are self employed. Authors, speakers, artists, entrepreneurs, complementary health professionals, consultants, and an endless array of others work for themselves, wearing every hat in the book from employee to CEO to accountant to marketer. Most of them work their butts off. And yet, the money required to run a business, plus family expenses, etc., often leave those people without the extra necessary to purchase insurance which is often quite high for the self employed. Before automatically assuming that if someone isn’t working for a Corporation or other organization that offers insurance that they are on food stamps and unemployment, please consider that VAST numbers of uninsured people are actually out there pursuing the great American dream. They found the courage to strike out on their own and make something of themselves, hopefully leaving a legacy for their children.

Self employed people are often significantly more hard working, committed, and dedicated than the average employee. Studies prove that employees often are only productive a small percentage of their time at work each day. As a manager in fortune 500 and 100 companies, I saw that first hand.

So who is really lazy – the self employed person who is busting their ass and still struggling financially or the corporate employee who is coasting along at work not giving it their all? I completely agree that those  ”milking the system” and getting a free ride without working is a serious problem. But assuming anyone not insured or looking for a job falls into that category, I feel is unjustified.”

O.K. off my soap box.

Have a truly fabulous day,






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Color Makes a Difference!


Thanks to Joel Comm for sharing this article about color:

WAY back in the day, when I was working for ergonomics and human factor’s experts at Virginia Tech, they were doing a graduate study on color funded by the military. They were trying to find the “perfect” color to paint the inside of submarines so the crew would remain in “chill” mode vs. aggressive, etc. while submerged for long periods of time. Turned out to be a particular shade of mint green.

It was my first introduction to the importance of color and I’ve continued to study and apply the principles ever since.

Its one of the first factors we look at when considering a new website, blog, or product packaging design. The difference between high end cosmetics and low end isn’t in the ingredients – which are primarily the same everywhere – its in the packaging and presentation. A picture is not a picture without the frame. A website’s message doesn’t get seen if the canvas its on doesn’t work.

I find it so fascinating that over the years I was inspired to learn interior design, image consulting, and color application – which all apply when helping a client choose a great look and feel for their site/blog. Visit any of my sites and there is definitely a “feeling” to it. When it doesn’t feel quite right, I change it.

Color is only 1 of the many categories we look at with the Dancing Dolphin Way Self-Help Dowsing Companion Tool: Your Ultimate Guide to Wellbeing

Tips to Easily Spell Correctly Since In Business Spelling Often Matters

How to make sure you are spelling correctly on your website, in blog posts, on social media and all the other places where strangers sometimes judge you, your business, and your products and programs by how well you spell.

Some Tips to Spell Correctly Since in Business Spelling Often Matters

  • When you use Firefox, it underlines misspelled words. If you right click on an underlined word, a whole list of potentials shows up and you just click the one that’s right.
  • If you don’t know how to spell a word, just open a new tab in your browser and type in the word and do a search. The top responses are typically dictionaries, so you can quickly, even in the search results, read what it means and know if you have the right word. If its not spelled right, at the top of the search results it will say “Did you mean …” and give you another spelling.
  • Most smart phones have an app you can download – often for free – for spelling.

None of these options takes very long to implement and the results can make a big impact in your marketing message.


What are Gem Essences and What Are Their Benefits?


If it weren’t for gems, we wouldn’t have many of the modern technologies we enjoy today. They are found in televisions, quartz clocks, lasers, portable phones, and personal computers. Radio frequencies are only one of many vibrations they can amplify and transmit.

Gems have been highly regarded by various cultures for centuries. It wasn’t just their rarity or beauty that have been so highly prized, but also the energy they attract and emit. Historically gems have been used for physical, mental/emotional, and even spiritual well-being throughout the Americas, Hawaii, Greece, Egypt, Northern Europe, China, India, Australia, and Tibet. Since the jade jewelry used by the Maoris in New Zealand is known worldwide, we can add them as well.

The bible describes in detail the …

Accepting Payments Online

Anyone deciding to do business on line needs to be able to accept payments.

Research shows that the more avenues to pay, the more likely the sale. That means if people want to pay online by credit card, by mail with a check, or by calling and placing an order by phone, you need to be able to take payments through all of those avenues.

Someone asked about payments recently on Facebook and this was my response:

Hi Ana – I’ve been online since 1996~ish. First website I put together was for a non-profit I co-founded way back then. Then around 1998, I began creating websites for myself, my business, and my husband’s (ex.) business. Things have evolved since then. I have websites, blogs, social media, shopping carts, done a few for other people.

I formalized my enewsletter with an autoresponder service in 2004. I’ve used Aweber all these years. Although I recently purchased something else and am transitioning to this other system.

I’ve been using Paypal since 2003 or 2004 I believe. I also do SquareUp so I can take credit cards by phone without a monthly charge. I’m also looking at other options, but Paypal is definitely the primary payment method.

SquareUp is a little reader for your smart phone. It words with iPhone and Android. You have to check through their list to make sure your smart phone will work with it. But if you have the reader, which lets you swipe a card right there, you can also just key in the numbers and people can pay by phone. The fee is slightly higher per transaction for those that are keyed in, but its still a pretty small fee.

The reason I went with Paypal in the beginning is because there wasn’t a monthly fee. And when you are trying to get up and running, you don’t want fixed costs when you aren’t sure about the income yet.

I’ve also looked at other payment options. Some guru’s recommend having more than one to choose from.

Another one I’m considering, but haven’t yet implemented is Amazon Payments. Most people already have their credit cards on file at Amazon and iTunes. Amazon lets you pay through them here: People trust it. They have purchased things through Amazon before. It could cause a greater trust factor.

Studies also show that if you put the little payment icons on your site, visa, MC, etc., that also increases the trust factor. You can see how I did that at the bottom of my new shopping cart page here:

Have a great day,


The U.K. to Censor Esoteric Websites

black_no_censorship_buttonWhen I read that post title on Facebook about a comment made by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Very interesting stuff!

I completely agree that something should be done about …

The Importance of the Content Above the Fold on a Website or Blog


The above the “fold” terminology comes from newspapers and the placement of top stories.That industry knows that the headline and the stories above the fold are what cause people to purchase the newspaper. The same is true of your website, blog, and even social media profiles. What they see first is how they will decide whether to leave your site or stick around for awhile. That’s known as stickiness and it is actually measured by many professionals who know how critical it is to their success. You only have seconds to grab someone’s attention before …

Maximise The Leverage Of Your Blog Content by Caylie Price

Leverage Your Blog Content

If you’re blogging for business or blogging as a business the last thing you need is to work your fingers to the bone producing content only for it not to be seen or read by your target audience.

On a super crazy busy day (aren’t they all) you need options to seriously maximise the return on your blogging for little extra effort. Following are some tactics to achieve just that:

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